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Lighting and Compositing are twins, they go hand in hands. Especially we have some very distinctive looks in different sequences of the film, about the different timeline, and both imaginative world and realistic experiences Louis had been through.

Overall since we observe this world as it is a social theater, we use the directional light to make it like a spot like on stage, everything is clearly staged.

As we told the story of the vision of a such special kid, 3D render with all its possibilities, this medium is actually the best way to show his vision.


colour script

  • Spring:turquoise

warm yellow & 

  • Winter:

mustard and blue

  • Same color story but increase the intensity of the color through the development of the story.

We go back and fourth

during the process
​ of rednering, compositing and

experiment on painting to create the atmosphere we want.


New School

New School

dominant colors: light and warm orange and turquoise blue

Summer lighting

Wharm lighting, collorful texture to create a welcoming place even if this place seems a little strange at first 

Whale Theme to remind summer

start of the day with large shadows cast and very bright

a place where you want to go, where you feel good



(Old School)

Outdoor winter light

Large directional shadows,

aesthetic graphic thanks to the light

Dominant blue and desaturated appearance

Old School

Old School

classroom scene


it is the beginning of a memory

this world as it is a social theater:
directional light to make it a spot like on stage,

At the beginning of a day, so it is very soft cold sunlight, filling up the room, the triangle created a spot for louis

-the end of the day

The tone is warm but the redness - unsettling feeling

The end of the day, the shadow is more present , created a trap for louis. The tone is warm but the redness create an unsettling feeling. and everything is more exaggerated

​with the cool tone of artificial light from the hallway and led lamps.

shallow depth of field


filming in a miniature set from the pass:

exaggerated dust

atmospheric haze to created layers of the space

chromatic aberration

allow overexposure as the realistic photograph being developed

scratched texture of TV vignette

enhance the redness where the directionof light serves as a trap to Louis

tree silhouette with its unorganized form pose
llouis self composed characters and the structure of the school

compo breakdown

3.constellation sequence

we can take full advantage of all the possibilities of 3d render, this medium is actually the best way to show the vision of this special kid.

toneline + sheen shading = 2d but react the light and  animated in a 3D way. the paper texture : stay in Louis' drawing paper,

3d space = immersive and realistic imagination of Louis

compo breakdown


Nightmare Scenes

create surrealism from the "reality"

the light is the start of the nightmares as if Lighting has its own characters.
according to our research and personal interviews,
light sensitivity is often brought up as an issue.
I think it can be a representation of Louis start to lose his pivot -- his shoes.

1.Classroom starts to deconstruct, darken the the room light, but enhance the directional light for the surrealism

flickering done in nuke and animated the lighting intensity in Nuke 

lighting animation

compo breakdown

2.School completely deformed

  • everything is upside down but the light is still carrying on to lead Louis' fall

Mix the raw render with volumetric render in Arnold

lighting animation

compo breakdown

animating the lighting colour in Nuke, so as the rim light of Louis 

3.tree and playground

  • the playground is deformed as a confined box,

  • the organic form of the tree pose as an menace

  • but the light is still carrying on to lead Louis' fall

  •  tree holes formed as human eyes on it, as if there are a lot of eyes looking at louis' fall that he can't avoid eye contact

lighting animation

compo breakdown

  • use the volumetrix fog to transite to this scene

  • intensify the specular pass to enhance the eye reflects on trees 

  • mix the spec pass of the eyest on tree to create the transition for the next scene of the others, with their silhouettes

lighting animation

compo breakdown

compo the volumetric fog over the matte body of school characters​, animated in Nuke





toneline + sheen shading = 2d but react the light and  animated in a 3D way.
the paper texture : stay in Louis' drawing paper,

3d space = immersive and realistic imagination of Louis

compo breakdown

  • BG done in after effect

  • Constellations links animated in aftereffect

  • animated glow and paper texture in nuke

  • mix specular pass and sheen pass to drive the opacity texture on constellation objects

then we show what is shown in paper of Louis'notebook can really be our credit design:

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