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litterally sewing our brainstorms all together like a couturier : )

reality! & imagination!:

Our Storyboard Grammar

To convey a story within five minutes is definitely a challenging task,
given that Louis is such a structural and self aware narrator of the story, We have to set up a few visual rules of the story,
so every scene is composited solely to serve the theme of the story.
It also helps us for our set ups, then,

pull the pull the rug at the end.

1.Every Sequence opening

1.every sequence opens with his shoes.

set up

He shoes is the bearing for Louis to navigate his life, every sequence open with his shoes.

pay off

At the end only one time it was not opened with the shoes.....

we all have known what happen when his bearing is lost.

2.POV of the scene

2.Louis never looks at people's eyes.

set up

Since the story is told from Louis' perspective, we included this character trait directly on the screen.


It also constructs an odd surreal composition to look at these daily moments, which is also Louis' angle.

pay off

created an arch of this character once Louis don't look at the world , this specific way

3.Louis is not a kid who looks, but observes.

3.don't look, but observes.

set up

pay off

But how we show his surroundings and other classmates personalities?

  Just like a lot of us, we observe the belongings and gestures of the others to construct our ideas of those people.

what matter to Louis is not expressions or social ritual, it is the gestures that counts.


That paves the way to the end,

even though the gesture might be simple, but as long as it is sincere, Louis knows.

4.Environment v.s. the characters

set up

pay off

4.Environment v.s. the characters

  Environment is oddly and unproportionally immersive to the characters, sometime they are even like tiny chess pieces.


In our story, there are some mischievous kids, or bureaucracy, but there are no villains. Since our story is about social code, no matter children or adults, they are only living under the social structures, as we all are, in a way helpless under the circumstances. 


We want to present the world to allow audience observe this social theater under a microscope.

  Louis understands it and admits it from observing it at a distance.

  After all the observations, we go back to center of a human face...

...which is the most important aspect of our story.



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